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[Fixed] 6 Different Solutions “No Route Connection Discord Error”

As you know, Discord is a great platform to connect with friends and colleagues and communicate seamlessly through private channels. Discord was originally developed for conferencing purposes as it has many great features such as screen sharing, voice calls, text messages, and video calls.

However, one of the most useful features of Discord is that you can create channels and target a much larger audience. In general, connecting to a language server is very easy. Most recently, most users have complained about the lack of RTC-related path errors.

Basically, this particular “RTC no route failure” connection occurs when Discord is unable to connect to the server correctly and some network issues are causing connectivity issues.
Whatever the reason, we’re here to give you the best “out of the way” fix in this article. So, in order to fix any errors on your system, read this article, and read it.

What are the major causes of Discord No Route Error?

Before working on the issue, it is important to understand the scenario where this error might occur. Here are some of the most common causes.

Change in the IP address assigned to the PC

If the dynamic IP gets changed regularly, then this type of error occurs. For solving this, you need to do is restart your modem, router, and computer.

Antivirus or any third-party firewall is blacklisting the Discord

In case the Discord is blacklisted, it will not be able to maintain any outgoing connection with the server.

The VPN used is without User Datagram Protocol

The discords are designed to work only with those VPN solutions having user datagram protocol. In case UDP is not available, then such a situation or error will occur.

The network admin block the Discord 

Sometimes, when you use the Discord with the help of your work or school networks, then the chances of getting blocked are high.

If the server voice region is incompatible
Suppose you are trying to connect to the server, but it is hosted on a different continent. Then in such a case, the Discord no route connection error occurs. But by changing the service voice region, the problem can be solved.

If the quality of service high packet priority does not work with a network
Sometimes it happens that the network does not support the QoS high packet priority. In such a situation also the error occurs, but it can be solved just by disabling it.

Step by Step Procedure about How to Fix Discord No Route Error

Discord no route errors are very common and common among people using Discord. In addition, RTC mismatch errors or Connection error without RTC Route on the computer can occur for a variety of reasons.

Since we do not know the exact state of your computer, we recommend that you make these fixes one by one and try everything until you find the one you want. So, without setting up the path, we’ll jump straight to Discord to help you fix this.

It is important for you to ensure that your network is private and not public. Then only you should be starting applying the solution for solving the problem.

Restart Your Router/Modem and Computer

The main cause of this error is still an error in your network, so restarting your router/modem and computer can be very beneficial as it is likely that your network settings will return to normal.

You can restart your computer normally by clicking the Start button, then going to Power Options, and clicking Restart.

Otherwise, you can perform a complete shutdown and normal restart as you see fit. When you restart your router/modem, there may be a power button on the back panel. However, some routers/modems do not have a power switch. You can unplug the plug or switch it off and on again. This will restart your router and will most likely fix your Discord without any routing issues.

Disable Antivirus

Since your antivirus software has the authority to monitor inbound and outbound network traffic, you can install a third-party antivirus system on your computer to stop packet exchange between your computer and incompatible servers.

As a result, the computer cannot connect to some incompatible channels. But first, you can prevent the antivirus from blocking your activity by adding inappropriate applications to the whitelist.

On the other hand, anti-virus systems do not allow this. You can turn it off temporarily and see if the problem persists. You can open the antivirus software settings and disable features like internet security, firewall, and others. If not, you can also temporarily disable your entire antivirus and see if that solves the problem.

Follow the given guidelines carefully:

1. First of all, you need to press windows keys + r. This will open the run dialogue box, and then you need to type “appwiz.cpl” and press enter. This will be redirected to the programs and features. Now, run dialogue: appwiz.cpl.

2. From the program and features section, you need to select the third party security solution feature and then choose the uninstall option by right-clicking on it.

3. The on-screen prompts will be there. Just follow them and uninstall the firewall or any other third-party antivirus.

4. From the security solution, you are suggested to remove every leftover file.

5. Finally, to reboot your system and check the Discord again.

Disable VPN

One of the possible reasons Discord RTC doesn’t connect route error is the VPN service available on your computer. Most VPN servers do not have this feature as Discord servers are started after scanning the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).

As a result, incompatible applications experienced line connectivity issues and caused these errors on the system. So there is no path fix in this Discord. The easiest way is to turn off the VPN service.

Otherwise, if you want to continue using a VPN on your device, you will either have to ask your VPN provider to enable UDP or find another VPN provider that will provide UDP on a standard server. Both of the options will work best for you, but we don’t recommend using both as Discord or other apps can cause different errors as well.

Disable Quality of Service High Packet Priority in Discord

Overall, Discord has a ton of settings you can play with the quality of the service provided, including the quality you hear from others and the quality you send to others.

Since all information is sent and received in batches, you can enable high QoS priority for the best experience on Discord. However, the only requirement is that you need a good internet connection for this.

So, if you’ve enabled this feature and the internet isn’t working properly for some reason, it’s very easy to get Discord with no path error. So disabling this feature can get you out of this situation.

So, follow these steps correctly.

1. First of all, you need to open the disc code.

2. Click on the ‘gear icon’ available at the bottom left corner.

3. Go to the app settings option and then select voice and video.

4. Choose the quality of service and ensure that the toggle is associated with Enable Quality of Service. High Packet Priority is a disabled option.

5. Finally, close the Discord and open it again

With the help of this method, you can easily get rid of the error. But is still if the problem persists, then you are suggested to follow the next given method.

Change the Voice Server Region in Discord

When you connect to a friend’s channel that is not in the same area, you experience RTC with no other routing issues. Disputes may not be properly transmitted.

Discord allows you to manually change the language range, so this is very easy to fix. This can be very helpful in solving problems.

However, the solution is a bit tricky as I cannot fix it on my computer. To change the server region, you need to contact the server administrator.

Flushing the DNS settings

While reporting regarding the solutions to their users stated that the issue was solved when they reset their IP configuration with the help of a series of commands. Among those, some reported that the issue was fixed permanently, while others reported that they have to repeat the steps regularly.

You can also try by resetting your IP configuration. The given steps are required to be followed:

1. First full press the windows key + r and open the run dialogue box.

2. In the dialogue box, you need to type cmd and then press control + shift + enter.

3. It will lead towards the elevated command prompt, and then you need to type ipconfig/release and then Press Enter.

4. Monster configuration release, you need to type another command ipconfig/flushdnd and then again Press Enter.

5. For renewing the IP configuration, you need to type ipconfig/renew.

6. Finally, you need to reboot your device and check that the error has been resolved or not.


These are some of the methods that you can take into consideration for fixing up the Discord no route connection error.

In case you do not find any of the given solutions helpful, then you should try lowering up your network firewall setting or switching up to another network. Apart from this, you are also suggested to try connecting with the help of your mobile phone hotspot.



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