5 Free & Best Discord Server’s Voice Changer Applications

If you are a prank lover, then what could be more fun than using discord and changing your voice and making other fools? There are several amazing tools available online that help in changing the voice for discord. Some of them are free, and some are paid as well.

However, the fact that matters is using the best. Considering this, we are answering this typical question by providing your review of the best discord voice changes available for free of cost. So, let’s get started.

What exactly is the Discord?

If you are a newbie to discord, let us tell you that it is a free application used for text and voice communication. Those people who wish to communicate with others over groups can easily use this application with servers’ help. Most of the discord servers are related to gaming but still can be used for other fun purposes.

Why use voice changers?

  • Some people use it for making sad people more anonymous.
  • It is used by trolls also for harassing the people.
  • Some children use such programs to hide their age and attending adult gaming chats.
  • Even with the help of such an application, people also try to hide their genders.

Best Free Discord Voice Changers

Now let’s get to the point and discuss the best free discord voice changer available. Each voice changer has its advantage and disadvantage as well.

Clownfish is one of the popular voice changers for discord tools available that you can use. The best part about this tool is that it is quite simple, and you will not feel any complexity.
It is a freeware
It does not need any free subscription or sign-in process
It can easily work for all the windows versions
It is quite easy to set up and fast
Apart from the custom pitch function, there are no added voice effects available
Sometimes in some voices, it becomes quite difficult to understand the accents
The girl voice changer feature is quite limited for discord
This amazing voice changer for discord PC is the finest and having plenty of features with added effects. It comes in both free as well as paid versions. The free version has many features that let you enjoy it.
It uses very less CPU power and bandwidth
The sound effects are amazing
You can easily use the tool with the help of custom shortcuts.
The paid subscription is quite expensive
The interface is quite clunky
The installation process is quite difficult
This will also work amazingly and help you in changing your voice in real-time. It actually sounds good, and if you are willing to change the sound of your recorded voice, then also it can be considered.
The sound produced by it is great
It is designed professionally
It is easy to set up and install
It is flexible with different uses
The free version does not have many features
It is important to proofread as there are several written mistakes available new line
Discord voice changer
It is also an amazing tool comes with an easy to use the system. Apart from this, the interface is quite lovely. But still, it is quite tricky to find out for the non-android users. This tool does not have its own website.
It can easily get connected with the discord
You can easily pick up of voice
The processor is faster
The CPU usage is very slow
Major disadvantages
It isn’t easy to install
It is quite tricky to find a stable or reliable version
The developer over games is now out of business
Super Voice Changer
It is one of the most lightweight tools that you can use to change your voice. Apart from this, it uses very little CPU power. You can deeply wrap and manipulate the voices with the help of this tool.
It helps you in getting deep customizations
It is quite easy to set up
Quick Loading
It does not use much power of the CPU
It is quite tricky to install
The help section should be better
Sometimes the functions are quite tricky to understand.
Voice changer
If you are looking for a tool that can help you make funny sounds, this is the best choice available for you. It is actually a great voice changer available for discord.
The voices are quite funny
It is actually a good voice changer
Fast and easy to set up and use
Devices can easily use for commercial purpose without any attributions
Getting into the work with discord is quite difficult
Some of the voices are nearly impossible to understand
How To Choose The Right Voice Changer For Discord?
It should be simple or professional.
You need to decide that you are willing to use a simple voice changer for your fun or want to have something professional that can help you record and change your voice for some professional usage.
The operating system you are using
The voice changer versions are actually quite less common on the internet. If you have the MAC, then it is important for you to go for the one that is offering you the apple moderated marketplaces
What voice effect you are looking for
If you are thinking about having a female voice changer, then go for the one that suits you. Every application comes with different features. Go to each of the effect detail properly
It is important to check the setup details
Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to handle the voice changer. But still, you should go for the one having a simple setup and installation usage process.
Free trial
It would be best if you always went for the voice changer tool having a free trial so that you can easily ensure about taking your decision.
Each and every tool is having its own advantages and disadvantages. You can easily download any of them and change your voice for fun and for other purposes as well. But, you must ensure that you download the tool from a reliable and safe source because some websites host malicious downloads.

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